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Welcome to Absolution!

Absolution is a Final Fantasy XI endgame Linkshell exclusive to the Caitsith server. Our linkshell was created to attain 3 main goals for all players: to build relations between players on the Caitsith server, to advance your character through the most treacherous hurdles offered in FFXI, and last but not least, to get you the gear you've always dreamed of.

If you are interested in joining Absolution, please goto our forums and check out the Apply forum!

Thank You

Event Drops    

5/12 Dynamis - Windurst

Demoleon, May 13, 10 9:19 PM.

4/25 Lord Ruthven #1

Demoleon, Apr 25, 10 1:17 AM.
It was a smooth fight with no issues! He was a big wussy! Next time we will get some better drops though!


4/20, Omega

Demoleon, Apr 20, 10 11:33 PM.
One of our best runs yet. Thanks everyone for coming out and Happy 420!!!


4/13 Sky, Seiryu

Demoleon, Apr 20, 10 4:18 PM.

Limbus 4/2, Omega #4

Demoleon, Apr 3, 10 1:54 PM.
No struggle, Whooped his ass. First time in 4 runs we did not get a body drop though  *sadface*


Sky 3/31

Demoleon, Apr 1, 10 1:08 AM.
CRAZY NIGHT! Lots of Gods, Lots of Drops. 

Like I said, Sky for this week and next week, DONT MISS OUT!



Sky 3/28

Demoleon, Mar 29, 10 10:17 AM.
Sky is no match for us. We will be poping multiple gods in the next 2 weeks due to our short break from Dynamis.

Be there, You'll miss out!


Sky - 3/25

Demoleon, Mar 26, 10 4:52 AM.
It was a great run tonight everyone! We got plenty of drops and more understanding on how the LS works together.

For the next few weeks we will be doing Sky instead of Dynamis, which should be a nice change of pace.


AND Bardok on Hecatomb Body!

3/24 Dynamis - Windurst

Demoleon, Mar 24, 10 11:41 PM.
Its been awhile since last update, and I appoligize for that everyone.

We tried Dynamis - Windurst 3/24... We need some work obviously.
Better luck next time everyone.

Congratulations to:

Dynamis - Jeuno. 3/10

Demoleon, Mar 11, 10 2:44 PM.
Well everyone it was our first run at Dynamis - Jeuno and we did great! Keep up the great work and we will see you sunday for our next Dynamis run. The area will be announced in /lsmes.


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